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Texting and calling software for mobile phones

TextNow is a company which provides texting and calling plans for smartphone users. A free application is provided and customers can choose from a variety of options based directly off of their discrete desires. There is also the possibility to sign up for a free online account and a free telephone number.

Main Features and Options

TextNow is essentially an independent calling provider which provides several unique plans. Some start as low as $4.99 per month (or the equivalent currency). International calling rates are likewise quite low. Thus, this package could be a viable alternative to more memory-laden bundles such as Skype. There is a wireless version of TextNow available and this can be downloaded directly onto an existing mobile device. All texts and calls can be accessed across multiple devices; providing a more centralised means to keep track of all communications.

Additional Information and Specifications

One of the benefits associated with wireless access is that users will not be subject to additional mobile charges (such as traditional roaming fees). Low-cost international calls can be made for as low as $0.01 per minute. All phones shipped to the customer come equipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event that they are not completely satisfied.


  • This package can be an economical alternative to traditional calling plans.
  • A number of high-quality mobile phones are available.


  • TextNow appears to be available only for customers within the United States.
  • Users are required to supply the provider with various personal details prior to activation.


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TextNow for PC


User reviews about TextNow

  • Coyote SpunTard

    by Coyote SpunTard

    love this app very much easy to use an love the emojis that are triggered by hotwords

  • ricky gopher

    by ricky gopher

    more cnvenient when out of minutes and works pretty easy i like

  • Racheal Brittany

    by Racheal Brittany

    its good and i really wants to download the apps on my window laptop i really need it badly

  • Lizzy Mckee

    by Lizzy Mckee

    like it and yeah i do because i get to talk to anyone and my cusion told me about this

  • Tim Bryant

    by Tim Bryant

    I Love it works all time.Gives you own number to contact.

  • cornelia camilla

    by cornelia camilla

    its very great i like it very much i think you should make whatsapp for pc that deos not require phone numbers maby emails .that will bMore

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